Parenting and Desperation

What do you do when you don't know how to help your child? What do you do when you don't know who else to talk to? Where do you go when you don't know where to go? How can you understand a child who doesn't understand himself? Being a parent is the most difficult job... Continue Reading →

Perfection Is Not Reality

The idea of perfection comes from where? Does it come from the movies we grew up with? Cinderella married the prince, but was he perfect or did Disney make it seem like he was? Did it come from our parents and their valiant efforts to not show us their imperfections? Did it come from the... Continue Reading →

Ugly Replaced by Beauty

Dear ALL THAT SEEK TO DEFINE ME... Demons of the past that raise their ugly heads Injuries that bleed all over again Doubt that sneaks up and snatches each breath Self hatred that comes and seeks to destroy Blame that pours over and drowns validity Regret which plays like a broken record Sorrow that rips... Continue Reading →

Dear My Younger Self…

Dear My Younger Self, You are told you are ugly, but you are beautiful and will be more beautiful as an adult You are told you are unwanted, a mistake, a horrible reminder of your father, but you will grow up to be loved and adored You are told that you were to be aborted--the... Continue Reading →

Would you?

Would you do and be as you are If a camera was watching you?  Would you say and scream and spill that same venom that stuns, paralyzes and could possibly kill? Would you be such a loose canon if your life depended on your reactions? Could you live the risk should it come to pass... Continue Reading →

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