It all begins with you…

The past is not the present
Pain does not determine existence
Disappointment is not the future
but sometimes it sure does feel like it is…doesn’t it?

All too often I have found myself in the midst of a pity party. “Why me? Why now? Why not? What did I do to deserve this? Maybe I’m not worthy.” It’s a steep fall into nothingness that leads to more nothingness. That isn’t the difficult part. That’s the easy part, right? The difficult part is finding how to pull out of that dark place and finding the good in the midst of all the bad.

Everyone has had a circumstance outside of their control that has made life seem to take a 180 degree turn, stop, catapult or change everything. I have had many! Just as I thought that there would be no way to turn it back around, time and time again I found that there was always a way.  You see, life is simply a series of experiences that shapes character, self-esteem that ultimately leads to the development of mental and emotional health. Heartbreak, sorrow, disappointment, fear, as well as faith testing journeys, are all part of life. It is these very feelings that let us know we are alive.  However, those experiences do not have to be what controls the outcome of life. What controls the outcome of life is how the hills and valleys are traveled.  We choose how we travel.  How will you?

This blog has always been something I wanted to do, but life circumstances prevented me from delving in.  Did life circumstances prevent me from starting this blog or did I LET it stand in my way. I let circumstances stand in my way. This is what I’m talking about. My hope through this blog, that you, as my reader, can learn to push past circumstances and emotionally and mentally reach beyond them so that you may not live broken, but learn to Be Beautifully Broken.  To be beautifully broken is to live fully regardless of scars.

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